Client: Endometrioseforeningen
Agency: Bly
Illustration: Kristine Gulden/Bly
Web site: Kristine Gulden/Bly
Programming: Kodeks
Visual identity and creative direction for Endometrioseforeningen.
Endometriosis is a painful disorder which affects 1 in 10 women. Despite this, the general population have little knowledge of this condition, including doctors. This causes the women affected to endure excruciating pains for seven(!) years in average, before they even get diagnosed with endometriosis. The new visual identity for Endometrioseforeningen (the Norwegian association for endometriosis) is bold in its statement in order to grab attention and raise awareness of the issue. The logo visualises mons pubis, with spots above that localises endometriosis and its pain. The identity is meant to speak up for the women who struggle to be heard, but still includes a touch of softness due to the vulnerability and taboo tethered to the subject.
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